In 1971, in a beautiful Norwegian community surrounded by deep fjords and majestic mountains, Stressless® introduced their very first recliner. Their goal was to give people a place where they could take a break from their stressful lives and recharge their bodies and minds.


Now, more than 50 years later, it’s safe to say they succeeded. Stressless® seating, designed with a host of innovative comfort technologies, is now considered the most comfortable seating in the world. Their expanded line of recliners, sofas, office chairs and dining chairs, like their first recliner, provide perfect support while replicating the body’s every movement. Add in the ability to select between three recliner sizes, six recliner bases and multiple sofa configurations, and you get seating that fits your body and your home perfectly.

Interested in filling an entire room with Stressless® seating for less? Here’s your perfect opportunity! Now through August 8, save hundreds on Stressless® recliners and sofas with our instant rebate offer.*

July 1st - August 8th 

Beginning July 1st, Stressless is offering a $100 instant Rebate on every $1,000 spent*


The more you spend, the more you’ll save:


$1,000 purchase = $100 instant rebate               $4,000 purchase = $400 instant  rebate

$2,000 purchase = $200 instant rebate               $5,000 purchase = $500 instant rebate

$3,000 purchase = $300 instant rebate          $10,000 purchase = $1,000 instant rebate 


Don’t miss out! Be sure to visit your nearest Stressless® dealer by August 8!


*See store for details. Discount does not cover inclusion of tax.


VALID JULY 1 – AUGUST 8, 2022.

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