10 Interior Decorating Tidbits From The Experts

10 Interior Decorating Concepts From The Experts

When it comes to decorating your home in Naples, it really pays to review the advice given by renowned experts. Planning is the most important aspect of interior decoration, and this is when homeowners should take notes from the top names in this field.

The following ten recommendations come from experts in interior decoration and design:

1. Jen Stanbrook of I Love Chic Living:

“Don’t forget to plan your look and create a mood board to help you visualise.”

Mood boards are collection of images and objects that can foster the creative process. Pages from magazines, fabric swatches, paint color strips, and photographs are the most common elements of mood boards, which can be assembled on a tabletop or on a wall. These days, however, it is more common and more efficient to use a Pinterest account for this purpose.

Do not listen to neighbors friends or family for decorating advice2. Melanie Langford of All About Interiors:

“Do not listen to neighbors, friends or family for decorating advice. Everyone has an opinion they think is best.”

Interior decoration is a highly personal endeavor that should place the interests of homeowners above all. Valuable advice comes from within, which means that it should come from those who live in the household first. Once this has been established, a professional can be hired. The only exception to this rule is when friends and relatives are professional interior decorators.

3. Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary:

“Try not to rush into interior design decisions. Live in the space, find out how you use it.”

ry not to rush into interior design decisions
It is always better to approach interior design organically. When moving into a new house or apartment, the new homeowner or tenant should spend a couple of days inside before making a long-term interior decoration decision. In some cases, this may require sleeping on mattresses for one night, but the effort will be worth it.

Round tables in small spaces good interior decorating advice4. Annabel Bird of Insideology:

“Round tables in small rooms make the space flow better.”

Residential architecture, for the most part, has become very angular and geometric. This adherence to straight lines and angles often becomes problematic in smaller rooms, where square and rectangular desks and tables tend to restrict space. Round tables, on the other hand, break up the linear aspect and prevent the accidental bumping of hips against furniture.

5. Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House:

“Good storage is the key to a well-designed home.”

This British designer likes to quote Benjamin Franklin, who was fond of saying that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Efficient and decorative storage is crucial when it comes to interior decoration; professionals know that they cannot move from one home space to another without first establishing all the objects that will be kept and utilized therein. In fact, when residential architects design spec homes, they often ask their clients about everything they plan to use and store. Storage solutions don’t have to be solely functional; they can be designed in such a way that they become decorative.

Good storage and round tables when decorating a small space

Cushions are the perfect decorating accessory6. Vicki Murdoch of Silken Flavors:

“You can never have too many cushions.”

European interior decorators tend to be more inclined than their American colleagues to offer cushions to their clients. Cushions do not have to be limited to those that come with furniture sets; in Asia, for example, living room sets are usually sold with two or three collections of cushions that can be switched out for a quick change of look. Cushions do not have to match only the furniture; they can be used to provide contrast against the wall paint or the curtains.

7. Gwen Hefner of The Makerista:

“Do what brings you joy. When creating a home, fill it with things that make you happy.”

Needless to say, home decorating plans should be made when everyone in the household is in a good mood. Not every idea presented by an interior designer will elicit the same reaction or emotion; the key is to pay attentions to ideas that bring about pleasant memories or instant smiles. When a young family walks into a showroom and the children immediately jump on the furniture and start playing, this is a good sign.

8. Nicola Elliot of Neom Organics:

“With rising temperatures, the fragrance for your home has to be light and fresh.”

This is very important advice for Naples and Southwest Florida, where summer temperatures can climb very quickly. Aromatherapy is becoming an intrinsic aspect of interior decoration, particularly with fine leather furniture that needs to be treated with care products periodically. Fine, natural leather has a rich, distinctive aroma that can be enhanced with vanilla or even citrous scents.

9. Ramona Griffin of GNG Interior Design:

“The most important aspect of a designed space is lighting.”

Leaving lighting for last is a mistake that professional interior decorators do not make; in fact, room lightning is often the first design aspect to be evaluated and determined. Natural lighting is abundant in Naples and other communities in Florida, but it needs to be balanced appropriately with artificial lighting when the sun goes down.

10. Jen Bishop of The Interiors Addict:

“Make your home a reflection of its inhabitants.”

Make your home a reflection of its inhabitants

The fun part of having well-defined, separate living spaces is to be able to decorate them in such a way that they reflect the personality of those who dwell in those rooms. Home décor does not have to be uniform; a child’s bedroom can be bright and lovely while a studio can be elegant or functional. The key is to make each room individual and attractive.

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